Aperture On-Demand Webinars

Check out our collection of on-demand webinars to continue developing your own social and emotional competence.

Caring for Your Educators: Promoting Social and Emotional Teaching Practices

The importance of educator social and emotional training and teaching practices and provides actionable tips for getting started with your own SEL program for educators.

How To Take Your SEL Program From Good to Great

In this webinar Amy Walker, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Committee for Children, explores unique ways to elevate your SEL program.

Implementing and Sustaining SEL

This webinar led by Urban Assembly explores best practices for implementing and sustaining SEL.

Inside SEL: A Fireside Chat with Brandon Frame

This webinar led by Urban Assembly explores best practices for implementing and sustaining SEL.

Integrating SEL Into a Multi-Tiered System of Support

Learn how to integrate social and emotional learning (SEL) into districts’ preexisting multi-tiered system of support (MTSS) frameworks.

Making Educator Wellness a Priority

In this webinar presented by Amy Walker and Jenny Nelson from Committee for Children, you’ll learn some simple strategies you can use immediately to reduce stress and improve your well-being.

No Advisory, No Problem — Implementing High-Quality SEL When Advisory Isn’t an Option

This webinar led by Aperture Education and The Urban Assembly share how to implement a high-quality SEL program when advisory period isn’t an option.

Nurturing Educator Resilience in Times of Crisis

This webinar led by Christa Turksma and Mark Greenberg is practice-based, providing helpful tools for educators to build resilience and support well-being.

Planting a SEAD: The Connectedness Between SEL and Academic Development

In this webinar with Gina Hurley, Ed.D., and Kathleen Giorgio, MSW, of Barnstable Public Schools, they discuss the intentionality behind the phrase “SEAD.”

SEL and Mental Health Panel Discussion

This webinar takes a look at school-based mental health services and how SEL can enhance mental health initiatives.

SEL at the Crossroads

How can districts, schools, and out-of-school time programs ensure that their SEL programming is scalable?

SEL in High School: Big Challenges; Bigger Opportunities

Hear from Paul LeBuffe, senior research consultant at Aperture Education, on overcoming obstacles related to high school social and emotional learning (SEL) implementation.

SEL Policy: The National Landscape and How You Can Make an Impact

Lillian Pace, Vice President of Policy and Advocacy for KnowledgeWorks, shares more on national policy trends and opportunities for advancing SEL.

The Ripple Effect: What to Expect When You Implement Systemic SEL

This webinar led by Aperture Education explores the changes you can expect to see when implementing social and emotional learning (SEL).

The ROI of SEL

Explore the impact of SEL on student relationships, well-being, and the elements that reach far beyond the “soft skills” SEL is known for developing?

Trauma-informed Practices in Schools and Beyond

This three-part webinar series between Aperture Education and Dovetail Learning provides a robust overview of how to create a trauma-informed school community.