Aperture Advisors

Launching and maintaining a technology- and data-driven initiative in schools is a collaborative endeavor. At Aperture, our Customer Experience Team is committed to working with you every step of the way.

As an Aperture customer, you get access to top-tier onboarding, training, professional development, and support, ensuring the seamless operation of your social and emotional assessment program. We deeply value our partnership and want to ensure that you always have a dedicated point of contact for continuous guidance throughout your journey with Aperture.

How We Help

1. SIS Integrations

After the initial setup, Aperture's Data Team monitors the health of your automated roster integrations so your staff, student, and scheduling data is always up-to-date.

2. Multi-Site Setup

The Aperture System is designed to grow and adapt along with your schools. You can include as many Sites as needed throughout your implementation. Whether you're expanding the use of the DESSA into new schools, grade levels, or out-of-school programs, we will add and maintain your new Sites and rosters on an ongoing basis in collaboration with your IT team.

3. IT and Data Team Collaboration

Our Data Team's expertise with integrating tech platforms in educational settings is unmatched. We are always available for meetings with your district IT team for any needs that may arise to keep your SIS integrations, data exports, and rater assignments running smoothly. In addition to one-on-one support, we have a data support ticketing system so submitting any potential issues and getting quick solutions is easy!

4. Training and Professional Learning

Aperture's Professional Learning Team provides a rigorous yet flexible suite of training sessions, materials, and support for your entire district with dedicated learning tracks for district administrators, school leaders, and educators.

  • 24/7 Access to the Academy: With your Aperture System user account, you and your team will always have access to informative interactive training courses in the Aperture Academy. As your team completes training, you can monitor their progress and completion rates using the "Training Completion Report" in the Data and Insights section of the Aperture System.

  • On-Demand Video Library: In addition to the full asynchronous courses in the Academy, you also have access to short tutorial videos designed for all users of the Aperture System, keeping you up-to-date with any and all new features and tools in your account.

The opportunity to roll out a social and emotional screener is a big investment for our district so we knew there was a lot of pressure to roll out a product that would be well-received at our sites and among our teachers and leaders. As a result of the professional learning provided by the Aperture team, our sites feel ready and confident to implement.

- Fresno Unified School District

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