Free Take-Home Resources That Support SEL for Students and Educators

Students and educators alike need help working through and expressing emotions, building relationships, managing stress, and supporting one another. Aperture Education is here to help you continue to support SEL for students and educators with a few free resources for students, educators, and families.

Growth Strategies

We are offering select Growth Strategies directly from Aperture to give educators and parents an easy-to-use, practical resource to help students improve their social-emotional skills in the classroom or at home.


Especially in virtual environments, it’s important for educators to stay connected and collaborating. We offer many on-demand webinars, many produced by our in-house research team and other experts in the field. Topics include everything from integrating SEL into Multi-Tiered Systems of Supports (MTSS) to how SEL can strengthen afterschool programs. Here are a few free webinars that are particularly helpful right now:

EdSERT Educator Guide

Our newest tool, the Educator Social-Emotional Reflection and Training (EdSERT) program, is designed to enhance the social and emotional knowledge, skill set, and well-being of educators. We are offering a free, special edition of our EdSERT Educator Guide: Optimistic Thinking. This guide includes:

  • A free Optimistic Thinking self-assessment
  • A guided reflection and review of your self-assessment ratings
  • A Growth Strategy that teaches how to align your work activities with your sense of purpose, approach work with positivity and optimism, and enhance work satisfaction and self-efficacy

Speak to one of our SEL advisors for more info!