DESSA Student Self-Report

Capture student voice and drive student agency with the DESSA Middle and High School Student Self-Reports. When students feel their opinions and choices matter, they are more likely to be invested in their learning.

The DESSA Student Self-Report not only captures student voice, but it gives students immediate feedback and the choice to steer their own learning which has a significant impact on student engagement, outcomes, motivation, and achievement.

Why Student Self-Report?

Students Realize and Act Upon Top Skills and Strengths

Focusing on strengths helps students have positive attitudes toward learning, helps teachers have higher expectations of their students, and leads to better learning outcomes.

Students Develop Agency and Influence in their Learning

Giving students a platform that guides them in developing a deeper level of agency and exercising their voice and choice will actively engage them in their own learning.

Promote Goal-Directed Behavior and Self-Efficacy

Personalized SMART Goals encourage students to make choices about which skills they want to develop and which goals they want to set. By becoming a more self-directed learner, students can acquire a sense of self-worth that holds strong throughout their academic journey.

Immediate Strength-Based Results Delivered Directly to Students

The DESSA Student Self-Report is the only student-rated assessment that gives students their results immediately followed by gamified Challenges and Goal Setting opportunities to build upon those results!

Reliable Results in Less than 7 Minutes

Within a class period, our educators can have reliable data to quickly start reinforcing strengths, help students set goals, build positive relationships with peers and teachers, and get inspired to learn.

Built in Progress Tracking Saves Teachers' Time

An Updates and Attachments feature allows student-teacher communication right within the Aperture Student Portal, and student progress is automatically tracked as they complete the Challenges and SMART Goals.

Student-Tested and Approved Platform

A Youth Advisory Board provided middle and high school student testing and feedback at every stage of the Student Self-Report development in order to present a platform that is authentic and engaging to students.

DESSA Student Self-Report

This strength-based, student-facing assessment, available in a high school edition and a middle school edition, guides students in developing a deeper level of agency, exercising their voice and choice to actively engage in their own learning.

High School Student Self-Report

Grades 9-12

  • 55 questions
  • 7 minutes to complete
  • 8 CASEL™ -aligned competencies
  • English, Spanish, Arabic, Bengali, French, Haitian
    Creole, Korean, Chinese Simplified, Chinese
    Traditional, Russian, Urdu

Middle School Student Self-Report

Grades 6-8

  • 50 questions
  • 7 minutes to complete
  • 6 CASEL™ -aligned competencies
  • Captures student voice & student choice
  • English, Spanish, Arabic, Bengali, French, Haitian
    Creole, Korean, Chinese Simplified, Chinese
    Traditional, Russian, Urdu

Real-Time Student Feedback

The Aperture Student Self-Report is the only student-facing assessment that readily shows students their Top Skills and relative strengths once they have completed the assessment. Calling out Top Skills builds student confidence, helps students feel engaged in their own development, and gives them the information they need to make choices about which skills they want to further develop.

Challenges and Gamification

Through suggested SEL challenges, the Aperture Student Portal encourages students to keep building their strengths.

  • Students select which challenges to accept depending on where they wish to focus.
  • Students engage with suggested tasks to practice strategies once they accept the challenge.
  • Students can communicate with their teacher and attach pictures or documents related to challenge progress.
  • Badges are unlocked and points are earned with every challenge completed.

The interactive challenges are designed to make leaning fun and to impart a sense of pride and accomplishment, leaving students motivated to stay the course.

Personal SMART Goals

With SMART Goals, students are encouraged to create personal goals that are relevant and energizing to them. Nine different goal categories, including healthy habits, academics, and more! Setting and fulfilling these intentional plans promotes goal-directed behavior and self-efficacy.

Youth Advisory Board

At Aperture, we are committed to meeting our users where they are and building inclusive products that fit their needs. That's why we formed our Youth Advisory Board, a group of diverse students who tested and provided feedback at every stage of Student Self-Report development.

Engaging with these students means we are better equipped to understand their needs and expectations and to develop features that are relevant, user-friendly, and aligned to their preferences.

Student Self-Report Overview

“Teaching is like doing acrobatic stunts on a high wire while your hair is on fire. Aperture helps us manage the chaos by influencing students to be the center of their own learning and their own emotional wellness. It allows them to be human.”

Leslie Vanleishout, Director of Student Support, North Thurston Public Schools

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