Aperture for Connecticut

Learn how Aperture’s leading solutions can support Social Emotional Learning in Connecticut

With Aperture, Connecticut schools can...

Improve academic outcomes

Cultivate a positive school climate

Proactively address students' mental well-being

Meet & exceed role, district, and state requirements

Get the Aperture system at no cost

The Connecticut State Department of Education (CSDE) has partnered with Aperture Education to support your SEL programs, offering the Aperture System, including the DESSA, at no cost​.

Promoting Student SEL with Aperture in Connecticut Schools

We are proud CSDE partners and align with Connecticut guidelines

Find out more about how the DESSA aligns with Connecticut guidance

CSDE partnership doesn't apply to your program?

There are still funding options for Aperture solutions!

Here are some current Connecticut state funding opportunities for student programs not covered by the CSDE partnership:

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