Aperture Case Studies: Stories of Impact

Aperture Education, featuring the DESSA, empowers over 8,000 schools and out-of-school time programs across North America to measure, strengthen, and support social-emotional competence in K-12 youth and educators. The Aperture System empowers education leaders to take strategic action to create healthy and more resilient learning communities.

Creating a Growth Mindset in the Classroom Through SEL at Windsor (CT)

Windsor Public Schools are creating a growth mindset in the classroom through SEL training, implementation, and growth strategies.

Classroom Engagement Strategies at Humble ISD (TX)

Humble ISD used classroom engagement strategies with SEL to build strong behavioral and academic skills in their students.

Using SEL As a Way to Improve Student Attendance at Lowell (MA)

Aperture's DESSA used as a way to improve student attendance, create better-informed intervention, and increase engagement at Lowell Public Schools.

Building College and Career Readiness for High School Students Through SEL (TX)

Boerne ISD provides a supportive community that makes it a place where students can learn, grow, and become college and career ready.

Teaching Students with Trauma in Port Washington-Saukville (WI)

Educating children and teaching students with trauma to reach their greatest potential drives the vision and goals of Port Washington-Saukville School District.

Discussing SEL Through a Culturally Responsive Teaching and Equity Lens

Partnership4Success and their community partners focus on SEL through a culturally responsive teaching and equity lens.

Providing SEL Resources to Teachers in Memphis Residency Program (TN)

Preservice teacher education programs offer few SEL resources for teachers, something the Memphis Teacher Residency is changing.

Oak Creek-Franklin Joint School District (WI): Student voice and growth

Oak Creek-Franklin Joint School Districts's mission to engage, challenge, and inspire works toward a vision of successful futures for all students.