Building foundational skills for learning and for life.

The Aperture System, home of the DESSA, is the #1 SEL solution for strengthening social and emotional skills.

Aperture Education empowers schools, educators, and students to measure, strengthen, and support social emotional competence and life skills. We believe in the power of data, the ability to transform by leading with strengths, and the necessity for educators to create safe, supportive, and positive learning environments.

Discover Strengths. Empower Growth.

Optimistic ThinkingRelationship SkillsResponsible Decision-MakingSelf-AwarenessSelf-ManagementSocial Awareness

Scale Your Impact.

Foster Resilient School Communities.

Resilient school communities thrive on positive relationships between students, teachers, and caregivers. Aperture Education provides the tools and support to create opportunities for meaningful interactions, preparing students for a lifetime of success and well-being.

Elevating student voice gives students agency in learning and in life. We help drive student engagement through self-reporting and goal setting to establish a growth mindset. Our SEL program captures data from student perspectives for equitable insights so they can put their strengths into practice.

The DESSA In Action

Kannapolis: Setting Students Up For Success Through SEL


The Aperture System, including the DESSA, is a suite of actionable, strength-based, and data-driven tools that prepare students with the social emotional skills for success in school and beyond. With Aperture Education, you can be confident that you are leading with strengths, fostering your students’ holistic development, and making a meaningful impact on your students’ lives.

"Teaching doesn’t happen until love and respect happen in the classroom. And I’m grateful for this program and all of these different strategies that help develop that and give us the data to back it up. Over the course of 2 years, our SEL pilot schools reported that referrals had been cut in half and out-of-school suspension assignments had been reduced by 76%."

- Humble ISD Humble, Texas

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