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Identify student’s social and emotional needs and/or monitor the progress of SEL skill development.

For each student
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  • Unlimited use of DESSA-mini One Minute SEL Screener
  • Live Training and 24/7 Access to Extensive Support Resources
  • Advanced SEL Practices Professional Development Series on Demand
  • Single Sign On
  • Optional Automated SIS Integration
  • Optional Automated Data Export

Screen + Assess

Take screening to the next level and identify students’ specific SEL strengths and needs across 8 CASEL-aligned SEL competencies.

For each student
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  • All the features of Screen, plus:
  • Unlimited use of the full Devereux Student Strengths Assessment (DESSA)
  • Auto-Assign Conditional Assignments

Screen + Assess + Intervene

Access over 100 assessment-aligned intervention strategies and foundational practices for creating resilient learning.

For each student
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  • All the features of Screen + Assess, plus:
  • Intervention Strategies
  • Samples from leading curriculum providers
  • Foundational Practices
  1. The DESSA-mini is an 8-item screener that is completed by teachers in less than a minute. There are 4 DESSA-mini forms making this tool great to use for pre/post analyses or for ongoing progress monitoring. Learn more. (go to DESSA-mini page)
  2. Our Implementation Team is adored for their outstanding support and resources. We will onboard you with live, web-based training and we provide constant access to a support portal loaded with support videos and how-to articles.
  3. Our growing library of PD videos covers topics like (insert a couple topics) and allow you to offer additional training for staff at their convenience. Learn more.
  4. No need to remember new login information. With SSO, you can log in to Evo securely using apps you’re already logged into!
  5. A. Automated services for synchronizing your Evo user and student rosters with your existing rostering applications (like your SIS)
    B. Automated services for sending your Evo social and emotional data to third party applications like Early Warning Systems and data warehouses.
  6. The “full” DESSA is a 72-item strength-based behavior rating scale which assesses students across 8 CASEL-aligned competencies. It is regarded as one of the most reliable and practical measures of social and emotional learning. Use the DESSA to inform instruction by identifying specific areas of need. We recommend that you use the DESSA on students whose DESSA-mini results indicate a low score.
  7. Set up automation to automatically assign a full DESSA to any student whose DESSA-mini score falls below an established score.
  8. Use the DESSA data to identify opportunities for SEL instruction then use our aligned resources to build students’ skills. Strategies are available for universal, small group, individual and home contexts.
  9. We also feature sample strategies from highly regarded evidence-based curricula like: Second Step, Open Circle, The 4Rs, Caring School Community and Inner Resilience.
  10. Our Foundational Practices include 9 tool sets for helping adults create healthy learning environments where social and emotional learning can occur.