DESSA for High Schools

Be a Part of Bringing Evo SEL for Social Emotional Learning in Schools to High School Students

Bring the Evo Social/Emotional Assessment and Intervention System and the DESSA assessment to high schools across the nation. There is a great need for high schoolers to possess strong social and emotional competencies since these skills are critical for success in school, college, and the workplace. The assessments and strategies within the Evo SEL system can strengthen these competencies, but they are currently only available for students in grades K-8.

The DESSA-High School Edition (DESSA-HSE) is currently in the exciting process of being nationally normed and standardized. The DESSA is a strength-based assessment that measures a student’s social and emotional skills, and it is integral to the Evo SEL Assessment and Intervention System.

We need your help to bring the DESSA to the high school level. So Evo SEL can provide social and emotional learning in schools of all grades, DESSA-HSE ratings are needed from high school students, parents, teachers, and out-of-school-time staff so the assessment can be normed. Read more on how your high school can benefit from the DESSA-HSE and Evo SEL—and what you can do to participate.

Time-Saving Features. Established Support System.


As a principal, high school dropout rates and behavioral difficulties are a major challenge to the success of your educational program. One way to combat these challenges is through a comprehensive SEL program.

Leverage Evo SEL’s time-saving, targeted features for your high schoolers and consider participating in the DESSA-HSE national standardization. With each school and program’s participation, we’re one step closer to providing you the assessment and intervention system you need.

Specialized Prevention Strategies. Targeted Intervention.


Aperture’s Evo SEL platform contains key features for educational supporting staff. Evo SEL specializes in prevention and targeted intervention, providing you a tool to decrease referral rates and promote overall student well-being.

Participate in the standardization of the DESSA-HSE to implement Evo SEL for your response to intervention (RTI) initiatives. You’ll help build the assessment that’s critical to the high school level.

Higher Achievement. Greater Success.

Social and emotional learning has been linked to higher academic achievement, and as a teacher, student success both in the classroom and in life is important to you.

You can bring these vital skills to your high school by participating in the national standardization of the DESSA-High School Edition.

Help Build the DESSA-HSE

Those who wish to participate will be compensated $5 per rating for participating. Individual parents can earn up to $10, individual teachers can earn up to $20, and organizations/schools can earn up to $695!

Organizations or schools may provide up to 32 teacher ratings, up to 32 parent ratings, and/or up to 32 high school student self-ratings. In addition, educators will also receive access to the DESSA-HSE online assessment system for one year and entrance into a $500 cash giveaway. Teachers and School Organizations can click the “School HSE Rating” button below.

If you are a parents or teacher of a 9th-12th grade student, you can complete the online form by clicking the “Parent HSE Rating” below. (Parents can complete up to 2 ratings and teachers can complete up to 4).


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