DESSA-High School Edition

Social and emotional skills are critical for success in school, in college, and in the workplace. The Devereux Student Strengths Assessment (DESSA) is a strength-based behavior rating scale measuring social and emotional skills of children in grades K-8. Aperture Education is currently working to expand the DESSA for use with high school students (9th-12th grades). Completion of this work will allow schools and programs serving all students (K-12th grades) to screen, assess, and promote the social and emotional skills of their students using the Evo Social/Emotional Assessment and Intervention System (Evo SEL).

Time-Saving Features. Established Support System.


As a principal, high school dropout rates and behavioral difficulties are a major challenge to the success of your educational program. You also want to ensure your students have the skills they need as they enter college and the workforce. One way to combat these challenges and prepare students for the future is through a comprehensive SEL program.

Leverage Evo SEL’s time-saving, targeted features for your high schoolers and consider participating in the DESSA-HSE national standardization. With each school and program’s participation, we’re one step closer to providing you the assessment and intervention system you need.

Specialized Prevention Strategies. Targeted Intervention.


Aperture’s Evo SEL platform contains key features for educational supporting staff. Evo SEL specializes in prevention and targeted intervention, providing you a tool to decrease referral rates and promote overall student well-being.

Higher Achievement. Greater Success.

Social and emotional skills have been linked to higher academic achievement, and as a teacher, student success both in the classroom and in life is important to you.