A strength-based, nationally standardized, valid and reliable tool for screening and progress monitoring of social and emotional competence that can be completed in under 1 MINUTE.

Screen in 1 Minute

The DESSA-mini enables teachers and staff to screen an entire classroom or group of students in one planning period (less than 45 minutes).

Monitor Progress

Consisting of four different, yet equivalent, 8-item forms, the DESSA-mini provides a simple and effective way to track changes in social and emotional competence over time.

Preventive Measures

In a recent study, students in the Need for Instruction range on the DESSA-mini at the beginning of the school year were


to commit a serious behavioral infraction by the end of that school year, compared to their peers. The DESSA-mini can help identify students with a Need for Instruction and intervene before challenging behaviors occur, using only 8 strength-based items.

What is the difference between the DESSA and the DESSA-mini?

The DESSA-mini

  • 8 Questions

  • Can be used to quickly assess a group of students

  • Typically used for screening and progress monitoring

  • Provides a snapshot of students’ overall social-emotional competence

  • Backed by over 12 years of research in social and emotional learning

  • Provides quick and easy reporting to see screening results and make informed decisions about student needs.


  • 72 Questions

  • Can be used to assess students who may need additional SEL instruction

  • Typically used as a more in-depth assessment

  • Assesses Aperture’s 8 SEL Competencies

  • Backed by over 12 years of research in social and emotional learning

  • Supported by Aperture’s Evo SEL System, including access to intervention strategies for each competency

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