What is the DESSA?

The Devereux Students Strengths Assessment (DESSA) is the assessment portion of Aperture Education’s Evo Social/Emotional Assessment and Intervention System. It is a standardized, strength-based measure of the social and emotional competencies of children in kindergarten through 8th grade. Grounded in resilience theory, the DESSA provides user-friendly, practical tools that meet the highest professional standards. With the DESSA, parents, teachers, and out-of-school-time staff can assess a child’s social and emotional skills and promote healthy outcomes.

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Why Should I Use the DESSA?

  • Assess skills related to social-emotional competence, resilience, and academic success
  • Measure outcomes of social and emotional learning programs, and compliance with social and emotional learning standards at the individual, class, school, and district level
  • Identify a child’s social and emotional strengths and potential need for an Individualized Education Program (IEP)
  • Enhance teacher practice with unique interpretation tools found only in the DESSA, DESSA-Mini and DESSA-SSE
  • User-friendly: No special training or certification required

Identify Student Strengths Using Social and Emotional Competencies

The DESSA-Mini provides a Social & Emotional Total (SET) Score for screening and progress monitoring.
The DESSA covers the following social and emotional competencies:

Cater to Your Program’s Needs with Our Three DESSA Options

Learn More with the DESSA 101

For more detailed information on the DESSA – including awards, research studies, and success stories – visit our DESSA 101 page.