Professional Development

Aperture Education’s team is committed to providing high-quality professional learning opportunities, including half and full day on-site training, professional webinars, on-site and remote technical assistance, and implementation planning.

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Meet Our Trainers

Paul LeBuffe, Vice President of Research & Development

Paul is the author of multiple SEL assessments, specializing in Resilience Theory and Continuous Improvement. He has a degree in Experimental Psychology and has been training for more than 35 years on topics relating to SEL.

Tatiana Carter, SEL Consultant & Trainer

Tatiana is a Licensed School Social Worker specializing in coordinating, supporting and designing SEL for the past 7 years including MTSS, Classroom Management, Special Education Interventions & Support, and Bullying Prevention & Intervention.

Lisa-Anne Williams, SEL Consultant & Trainer

Lisa-Anne is a former Special Ed Teacher with over 6 years experience in special needs, emotional disabilities, conduct disorders, behavior management, social skills training, curriculum instruction and delivery, and Crisis Prevention Interventions.

Areas of Expertise

Student Social & Emotional Skills Development

– Define social & emotional learning (SEL) and why it is essential to students’ success
– Understand key research relating SEL skills to student success
– Relate district/organization goals to SEL
– Integrate SEL into existing district/organization frameworks and protocols
– Design a comprehensive approach to screening, assessing, promoting, and evaluating SEL competencies using the DESSA
– Select a quality SEL curricula aligned to your specific needs
– Learn how to integrate SEL-supporting practices into everyday interactions
– Use SEL data to plan for instruction and intervention

Staff Development

– Promote resilience and social emotional competence of teachers and staff

Behavioral Health Systems & Interventions

– Understand how SEL assessment fits into RTI/MTSS and PBIS models
– Use SEL interventions in Tier 2 and Tier 3
– Use SEL assessments to plan for IEPs

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Recent Feedback from a Training of Psychologists in Florida School District

“The best training I’ve had in years!”

“Excellent presenter. Very useful. Planning to use at my charter school where they need to be more positive in behavior interventions.”

“Thank you for coordinating this PD. I REALLY enjoy resilience as the focus for personal growth. AWESOME day!”

“Excellent content. The presenter provided a great overview and research related to the field. I love the emphasis on strengths.”