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Aperture Education is a company dedicated to taking Social and Emotional Learning to new heights.
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Aperture Education Supports a Broad Range of SEL Competencies.
Relationship Skills
Goal-Directed Behavior
Personal Responsibility
Optimistic Thinking
100% Customer Satisfaction Rating “The support team was incredibly patient and helpful, especially in light of that fact that the problem turned out to be entirely me!” “Great response time and support! Thank you!”

Evo Social/Emotional is the complete online SEL system.

Our cloud-based software offers a comprehensive approach to creating an optimal social and emotional environment for both students and staff.


DESSA Assessments

Our strength-based assessments allows users to quickly screen, identify focus areas, progress monitor & measure outcomes.


Intervention Strategies

Bolster SEL skills in areas that need improvement with activities designed for various settings and grade levels.


Evo SEL Cloud Application

User-friendly, time-saving online system allows for easy access to assessments, intervention strategies and data to drive instruction.


Professional Development

Improve understanding and effectiveness of social emotional learning through a variety of training options.

Aperture Education's Evo Social/Emotional system assesses social and emotional competency, provides strategies for bolstering skills, monitors progress and measures outcomes of youth both in school and out-of-school. Educators, district staff and out-of-school time providers support students' social and emotional health with this comprehensive, user-friendly, cloud-based system that saves educators time while offering reliable, actionable data to improve on these vital skills.

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